CANlab toolbox repositories

The CANlab imaging analysis tools consist of a set of linked Github repositories.

CanlabCoreObject-oriented fMRI analysis tools, used in other toolboxes
CANlab_help_examplesWalkthroughs and batch script system for 2nd-level analysis
Neuroimaging_Pattern_MasksMasks, predictive signature patterns, and meta-analysis maps
M3 Multilevel mediation toolboxSingle- and multi-level mediation for any data type, and for brain images
CANlab robust regression toolboxRobust regression for 2nd-level (group) analysis
MKDA coordinate-based meta-analysis toolboxCoordinate-based analysis of neuroimaging data and multivariate tools

Several of these are needed for interactive data analysis using our object-oriented framework, including CanlabCore, CANlab_help_examples, and Neuroimaging_Pattern_Masks. Other toolboxes are semi-stand-alone but require CanlabCore.

Other CANlab repositories contain code and data for experiments and procedures:

Paradigms_Public - experimental paradigms
FMRI_simulations - brain movies, effect size/power
CANlab_data_public - Published datasets
DCC - Martin Lindquist’s dynamic correlation toolbox
CanlabScripts - in-lab Matlab/python/bash