Object-oriented analysis walkthroughs

This series of walkthroughs is designed to illustrate the CANlab interactive analysis tools, and some analysis principles as well. Code to run each walkthrough is included in the CANlab core toolbox or on Neurovault. See the main CANlab intro page for more on the philosophy behind the interactive analysis approach.

Getting started

1. installing tools

2. load a sample dataset

Basic analyses

3. group t-test

3b. atlases and ROI analysis

4. threshold statistic images and write to files

5. Bayes Factor Maps

6. regression, interactive analysis

7. multivariate prediction basics

8. Using the Canlab plot Function

Network-based plots and spatial similarity

9. Neurosynth topic similarity and wedge plot

10. Riverplot cerebellar atlas example

11. Multivariate Prediction Basics

12. Apply a Multivariate Pattern of Interest

13. more visualization

Mediation analysis

14. mediation analysis

14b. additional output report from publish_mediation_report.m

Behavioral data and Plots

15. the canlab_dataset object

16. time series and bar plots


17. coordinate-based meta-analysis walkthrough 1